Professional Development Services

Johnson Education Group, Inc. is prepared to help you improve your teacher instruction with any of the professional development packages below.  We are also willing to customize a program that will more precisely fit your specific needs.

All professional development are delivered by experienced workshop facilitators who model the the teaching strategies that are being presented.  Each professional development workshop is founded on brain-based theories that promote collaboration, inquiry, and learner engagement.  Teachers will experience first-hand, active-learning strategies that engage not only their minds but their entire bodies as well.  Pretests and post tests are given in each session.

Regular Billing rates:  Professional Development Per hour $150, per day $1000.

Discount Training Package Rates: Bronze- 3-7 days $850 per day, Silver- 8-12 days $700 per day, and Gold 13-18 days $6,50 per day.

Retainer options are available. Contact us for more information and options.

For Instructional Leader, Teachers and Curriculum Designers. 20 hours-- Discounted Price: $5852.00

Learners will gain a foundation in instructional theory which they will use to construct engaging lessons and learning activities.  Learners will experience and participate in active learning and teaching strategies modeled by expert instructors. 


Price: $5852.00 Quantity:

Active Teaching and Learning

For Administrators, Instructional Leaders, or Teachers. 6 hours. $1000

Teachers will obtain hands-on strategies that promote effective learning according to brain-based theories.  Special emphasis will be given to provide ways to check for each students' understanding.

Price: $1700.00 Quantity:

How to Differentiate Instruction

For Teachers and Instructional leaders.  6 hours $1000

Teachers will acquire knowledge and skills to adequately differentiate their instruction for all student needs, including gifted and talented.  Teachers will be able to design learning activities that effectively differentiate, and they will also target differentiation for specific student needs.  Multiple strategies for differentiation will be provided.

Price: $1000.00 Quantity:

Teaching Cycle

For Instructional Leaders and Teachers. 6 hours $1000

Learners will experience first-hand, powerful instructional strategies that promote active learning, higher order thinking and engagement.  The full cycle of preassessment, instruction, formative feedback, and evaluation will be modeled by intructional experts.

Price: $1000.00 Quantity:

Effective Assessment

For Teachers, Instructional Leaders, Administrators. 

3 hours $500, 6 hours $1000,

Learners will learn how to create effective ways to check for every student's level of understanding, implement effective formative assessment and construct aligned tests including item differentiation, complexity, and difficulty.

Price: $ 500.00 Quantity:
Price: $1000.00 Quantity:

Engaging Student Brains Through Effective Questions

For Instructional Leaders, Administrators, and Teachers. 

18 hours. (Bronze) $3000

Book- $35

Work book- $20

Posters- $40

Learners will not only learn how to prepare and ask powerful questions to encourage students engagement, but they will also learn about how the questioning can increase brain power and memory.

18 hour Workshop Price: $3000.00 Quantity:
Engaging the Brain through Effective Questions Book Price: $ 35.00 Quantity:
Engaging the Brain through Effective Questions Workbook Price: $ 20.00 Quantity:
Engaging the Brain Through Effective Questions Poster Set Price: $ 40.00 Quantity:

School Improvement

For school administrators and instructional leaders. (For Silver or Gold packages-call for price)

The administrators will learn how to instill good teaching as "the way business gets done" in their school.  Administrators will learn how to perform and record teacher data from their evaluations for teacher improvement



Systemic School Improvement

For Instructional Leaders, Administrators, and Teachers. Minimum Bronze package :   (For Silver or Gold packages-call for price)


Teachers and administrators will be engaged in active learning strategies to experience the instruction, learning, evaluation, and collaboration. Teachers will develop the big picture of school improvement, the importance of common goals and vision and the essential nature of teacher collaboration.  Special emphasis will be on the evaluation and the active role of the student in learning. Special session for administrators only will focus on teacher observation/coaching & evaluation.


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